FABIC Education & Learning supports professionals to develop the skills to provide LASTING behaviour change strategies and tools to their clients in workplaces, at home and in the community


FEL One Day presentations Tanya R Curtis
These one-day presentations offer different topics with a focus on behaviour, mental wellness and LASTING behaviour change, for self and all others. When it comes to living our full potential, we need a new way that works for all, is very practical and includes all of us, from clients, parents/carers and educators to workmates, neighbours and the wider community. We are, after all and without exception, all affected by behaviour, whether that be our own or that of other people.

Senior Behaviour Specialist Tanya R Curtis offers a wide range of topics with invaluable insights and many tips and strategies plus a seemingly limitless abundance of experience, both personal and professional. And she does not hold back when it comes to bringing her all and sharing it all.

These presentations run mainly on Mondays and the occasional Friday throughout the year and are five hours in duration including a lunch break, with ample opportunity for questions, discussions and mutual enrichment.

The range of topics is wide-reaching and concerns us all, one way or another, and includes:

  • An Introduction to Understanding and Changing Behaviour
  • Embracing the Classroom of Life
  • The Paralysis of Perfectionism
  • Managing Classroom Behaviour Challenges
  • Abolishing Addictions – Is It Possible?
  • Anxiety and Behaviour Change – The Body Life Skills Program
  • From Support Worker to Life Skills Developer – An Offering
  • Changing Behaviour – Developing Effective Skills to Support LASTING Behaviour Change
  • Communicating and Relating to a Person with an ASD
  • Changing the Impact of Anxiety on Our Quality of Life
  • Mental Health: Embracing a Spectrum of Mental Illness & Mental Wellness
  • Being Your Puzzle Piece in Relationships
  • Living Without Depression, Sadness, Grief and Loss

Presented by Tanya R Curtis, Senior Behaviour Specialist and Founder & Director of FABIC Behaviour Specialist Centre

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