FABIC Education & Learning supports professionals to develop the skills to provide LASTING behaviour change strategies and tools to their clients in workplaces, at home and in the community


My experience of this course so far has been nothing short of amazing. Tanya has a knack for being able to break down more complex presentations into really simple approachable parts that actually make things easy to handle, natural and easy to apply. She also presents many practical tools to use in clinical practice. FABIC/Tanya’s approach is innovative in many ways – breaking down difficult constructs, seeing the client/patient as someone who plays a key role in the therapy as they are there to be empowered, and also seeing the client/patient as an equal whom we can learn just as much from and about. Other approaches that I have learned outside of FABIC have not always simplified things, and often, though claiming to make it a patient-centered, the approach still sees the client/patient as someone the therapist is ‘helping’ and is not fully an equal of. Further to this Tanya’s approach of ASD is revolutionary as it supports us to understand ASD similar to understanding a different culture and one that we can learn much from, to not judge it as right nor wrong, but instead to embrace it and work with it. Overall a deeply empowering course to do, both for the person undertaking the study as well as any of the clients that we apply the techniques with. Thank you Tanya – you are a star!

Henrietta, Counsellor

Real, simple, practical and profoundly impactful, on both the Practitioner and the Client. After years of academic study in therapeutic counselling, there remained a chasm between theory and practice. Yet, only a few sessions into the Body Life Skills programme and I knew this training was a gold standard in the field of lasting behaviour change. The extensively educated training founder and lead, Tanya Curtis’ humbleness and transparency sets the foundation for a training that completely debases the position of behaviour specialist / practitioner above the client, and makes clear judgment and pigeon holing have no place in behaviour change work. A practitioner must also be prepared to apply and live the work, walk the talk, for there to be truth in interaction with clients, and a gaining of their respect and trust, in what can be confronting work when called to take responsibility for our unwanted behaviours. After a 26 years+ career in client work, this training has already had a profound and practical impact on the way I work with clients – to great effect. The messaging is clear, concise and consistent, and its application simple, practical and impactful. As a consequence, it has been so natural to recommend many to benefit from this training. Highly recommended for self exploration and equally client work application. I’m eager to complete the full complement of courses available.

Sara, Counsellor/Therapist

I cannot speak highly enough of this program. Tanya Curtis has completely revolutionised professional learning with this format. The video content is simple, easy to understand, engaging and interesting (and lets face it, professional development can often be dry and difficult to listen to, but not the Fabic Pathway!). The group discussion sessions take the content from a series of facts and support each participant to consolidate it for themselves and make it part of their own classroom of life and their way of supporting others with lasting behaviour change. I would recommend this program to anyone and i’d encourage any organisation offering professional development programs to examine and learn from this highly supportive, simple and invaluable model for professional learning.

Kate, Speech Pathologist

I am delighted to share my experience with the FABIC Education & Learning (FEL) Pathway offered by Tanya. This program has been an enlightening and transformative journey that has deeply enriched my understanding and approach to life education/counselling.

From the very beginning, it was evident that the FEL Pathway was crafted with meticulous care and a profound commitment to fostering effective learning environments. Tanya’s expertise and passion for life education shone through in every aspect of the program. The content was comprehensive, thought-provoking, and skillfully structured to cater to the diverse needs of participants.

What truly sets the FEL Pathway apart is its unique blend of theory and practice. Not only did I gain a solid theoretical foundation in educational/counselling principles, but I was also equipped with practical strategies that I could immediately implement in my teaching/counselling practices. The group supervisions were particularly invaluable, offering a collaborative space for sharing experiences, insights, and challenges. These sessions not only reinforced my learning but also provided a supportive community of like-minded educators/counsellors.

The dedication of the team behind the FEL Pathway is commendable. It’s evident that they are continuously striving to enhance the program’s accessibility and impact. The upcoming website and additional resources promise to make this already exceptional product even more accessible to a wider audience, allowing the world to benefit from its insights.

I am honoured to have been part of the FEL Pathway and to contribute my testimonial to its growth. This program has not only refined my teaching methodologies but has also ignited a passion for creating inclusive and effective learning environments. If you’re an educator, counsellor or person looking to elevate your life journey, I wholeheartedly recommend the FEL Pathway. It’s a transformative experience that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.

Kudos to Tanya and the entire FABIC Education & Learning team for their unwavering commitment to excellence in education!

Laurel, Behaviour Counsellor

This program is life changing and what stands out is the simplicity and practicality it offers for everyday use to become aware, observe and hence change behavioural patterns. BLS is absolutely self empowering for relationships with oneself and with others and leaves no room for finger pointing or blame on life or others, offering every-BODY to become the ‘driver’ of ones life. Moreover, it is a simple and fun way to shed light on those areas of life where we have normalised unwanted behaviours without being aware how imprisoning those behaviours are. It frees us of our behaviours by showing us that behaviours are not who we are but what we do and that our doing is a forever choice. I highly recommend this program for any body working and living with people, no matter what age, profession or social context.

Rachel, Consultant

I so love this whole program and love to be part of it. Since starting with the program there is a huge change in my daily life, in the interaction with family, friends, colleagues and clients. There is more understanding and acceptance of what I and people are doing, saying, thinking or feeling. It also brings my own life lessons to the front. This program is not ending here for me, even though the episodes and sessions are completed. It’s beautiful that you can always go back to the episodes to relisten it, because there is so much offered in it. Thank you Tanya for bringing this out in the world.

Peggy, Social Worker

The Fabic pathway has been transformative in its approach to behavioural therapy for myself as a practitioner, bringing understanding to both my own and my clients behaviours.
Its ability to bring understanding rather than judgement has allowed for the emergence of the essence within to become the focus of attention, as behaviour is understood to be something we do rather than the identifications of who we are.
What is offered here is truly liberating and refreshing in its approach to behaviour and life itself. I have found studying with FABIC expands the capacity to transform our relationships with ourselves and others as we learn to micro analyse the triggers for anxiety and embrace life’s many lessons. A very enriching course to study….Thank you.

Nichole, Disability Support and Counselling

There is nothing like Fabic and it’s methodology. It takes what can be a complicated and overwhelming process and subject and makes it simple, effortless and a lot of fun. Not only that but it’s clear and direct, allowing you to truly support and understand people and their behaviours; and, most importantly, yourself. I really couldn’t recommend it highly enough; it is simply life changing for all involved.

Jack, Filmmaker

The offering from each episode in each series is of magnitude proportions in what it offers in practical steps fro long-lasting behaviour change, not only for my clients, their families and carers but also for myself, as the Practitioner. Whether you’d like to use episodes for work or for yourself, the simple approach of Tanya as she shares this wealth of information in easy to understand, easy to use and easy to adapt in any situation, makes Fabic TV your new digital bestie. I lost count of how many times I said, ‘that episode was my favourite’!
Note: All episodes can be used by anyone but the Functional Behaviour Assessment series is more for those who use written assessments in their workplace.

Julie, Counsellor

I had the opportunity to ask Tanya Curtis a question about a client of mine who has a mental health diagnosis. Her insights were spot on and to the point and have made my work with this person truly supportive and much more rewarding, for both of us. Tanya offered the bigger picture beyond the daily difficulties, seeming obstacles and moments of frustration.

Gabriele, Support Worker

The body life skills series has transformed on all levels my way of living and the way I am in relationships, but also in my coaching work in a high school. In a world where there is so much anxiety and judgment towards people their behaviour, the simple question; “But I wonder why?” shifts everything. Fabic offers a simple yet profound way of living, and has laid a love filled foundation for the future of therapy, counselling and coaching. But also how we can be with ourselves and others. Just this week I said to my husband: what a pity that we live so far away from Tanya and Fabic, as I would love to work there. Tanya has a deep love for people and what she and her team are bringing with all the Fabic series and how they are supporting many people, young and old, is absolute gold. Thank you! I look forward to the next series.

Mariette, Coach/Teacher

I’ve found the Body Life Skills programme so supportive in my personal life and in my work, and actually in any relationships and situations this model brings a clarity and energetic awareness into the foreground. With this awareness I can go deeper and discover why I reacted or responded in a certain way, or if I am with a client I can, when appropriate, take them deeper to discover the answer to ‘I wonder why?’ that happened. There is a theme of our ‘Oneness’ in that we are all awesome, amazing and lovable beings, equally so, and that we are seperate from our behaviour, which is just our behaviour, neither good or bad. Free from judgement and imposition and with support we can more easily see how we make choices in our lives.

Christina, Counsellor

The FABIC FEL pathway is a simple, powerful and practical evidence-based framework for behaviour change, developed on the principles of Functional Behaviour Analysis and FABIC’S key tenants of building ‘understanding and lasting change’. Given we all have unwanted behaviours, this learning provides a foundation across all personal and professional domains. True to its purpose of ‘building skills’, this pathway supports the student to apply it to their own lives and thus build a lived understanding of the principles that they can then role model and present to others.

Sarah, Psychologist