FABIC Education & Learning supports professionals to develop the skills to provide LASTING behaviour change strategies and tools to their clients in workplaces, at home and in the community


There is no exact or prescribed order these courses come in; however, the language of the Body Life Skills program is presented throughout most of the certification courses and thus it would be more supportive (but not essential) to do FABIC Body Life Skills Certification – Stage 1 first. Key is to look at the calendar for available group supervision times and find those that work for you, noting that there is a maximum of 10 participants per group.
No – each certification needs to be undertaken from the beginning and completed in the order presented. All episodes and associated group supervision sessions are in sequence and build on each other.
An FEL Certified Supervisor pathway can be completed after stage 1 of becoming an FEL certified practitioner. While you maintain FEL certified supervision status, you will be able to supervise FEL students enrolled in the FEL Certified Clinician Pathway.
No – neither FABIC nor FEL are regulated by a registered training organisation. FEL certificates meet the requirements for FABIC certification.
As these are FEL certified courses and not accredited by an RTO, there is no government funding we are aware of that can be used for enrolment fees. Some FEL students may seek their own funding, whether that be through their employer, via grants or other sources. FABIC is not aware of any specific funding bodies that could be approached.

We have a world-wide student population and scheduling to support everyone can be challenging. All FABIC.TV, FABIC.STUDY and FABIC Publishing material is online and can be accessed in your own time. For group and individual supervision we do what we can and schedule multiple time options to support everyone. Sign up for our newsletter to hear of new releases and feel free to leave a message in our online enquiry for preferred times. We will do our best to schedule supervision sessions that meet requirements.

You will need to book another group supervision at a future date to complete the FABIC certification you are enrolled in. The group discussions for each certification will be run multiple times per year. If you want to complete the learning path earlier, you can complete that episode by booking individual supervision with your FEL supervisor.

If you have already completed a series or several in the previous FEC Program, you will still need to complete the new enrolment process and then participate in any sessions not yet completed in the original program.

For example, if you completed the Body Life Skills series originally and now want to obtain the FEL Body Life Skills Certificate, you will need to:

  1. Complete the student intake form
  2. Complete the enrolment form, enrolling in the FEL Body Life Skills Certificate. Once enrolled you will receive an email with all the relevant links for the Body Life Skills Certificate, including any discount codes required.
  3. If you completed the original Body Life Skills series, you would now need to register for the FF101, BLS Book 1 Review, Poster Collection Review and I Choose Chart Collection Review group sessions, as well as purchase the required episodes/resources for these sessions. You will also need to complete four individual supervision sessions.

Each group session comes with an assessment which includes a reflection on the episode/resource for that group session. You are also required to create 10 multiple choice questions with answers.

All of this is to be tracked on your personal copy of the FEL Assessment Completion Template.

Please refer to the Assessment Guideline for further details.

The FEL Asessment Template replaces the Google spreadsheet previously used. For FEL students using the spreadsheet method, please copy the text you have provided and paste it into the new template document, as per the Assessment Guideline.

For details on how to use the FEL Assessment Template please refer to page 3 of the Assessment Guideline.

As per the Assessment Guideline:

  • Save all assessments for the certifications you are enrolled in.
  • Once ALL assessments for the enrolled certification are complete, send assessments and checklists of completion to your supervisor for review and sign off.

As each group session is focussed around reviewing the resources and support you with your understanding of the resource, it is highly encouraged that you complete the relevant assessment for that group session prior to the session. This will allow you to get the most out of each session.

For each group session you will need to review the relevant resource and complete the assessment prior to the group session. During the group session there will be discussion and support from your FEL supervisor around the resource and the assessment you have completed.

There are relevant discount codes for FABIC.TV, FABIC.Study, for group and individual sessions as well as the FABIC products. To access these codes, you need to complete the FEL enrolment form for the relevant certification. Once completed and processed, you will receive an email with the relevant links and discount codes for that certification.

If you miss a session you will need to book a session in the future for the same topic. We are not able to offer refunds or reschedules for missed sessions. Please book your sessions with care and focus.

Unfortunately, if you forgot to use a discount code you will have to pay full price for that item. It would require significant admin time to amend this error and thus we are unable to offer refunds in this instance. All relevant discount codes are provided upon completion of the enrolment form and it is your responsibility to apply them. 

To receive certification, you need to complete all group sessions, all individual supervision sessions and review and complete the assessment required for each session/resource.

If you purchased a complete series through FABIC.TV you need to view the individual videos through the series link. If you log into FABIC.TV and go to https://fabic.tv/library,  you will see all videos and series that you have purchased and can then watch them via linking from this page.