FABIC Education & Learning supports professionals to develop the skills to provide LASTING behaviour change strategies and tools to their clients in workplaces, at home and in the community


FABIC.Study is an e-learning platform that allows participants to interact with online learning material and complete the relevant online assessments – anywhere and anytime.


FABIC.Study programs are and/or will be integrated into the FEL certified pathway/s. At present, FABIC.STUDY hosts one short course while four certificate courses are still being developed.

Available now

  1. Short Course – An introduction to the Body Life Skills Program

*This course is part of the FABIC Body Life Skills Certification – Stage 1 but can also be completed by anyone ready to learn more about supporting other people and themselves with LASTING behaviour change. It is easy to follow and simply to do and leaves no room for the notion that lasting behaviour change is impossible, hard or boring.

Currently being developed

The following FABIC certificates are currently being developed and will become part of the FABIC Certified Supervisor program(s). They are also available for anyone interested, whether they are part of FEL or not.

  1. FABIC Certificate of Behaviour Studies using the Body Life Skills Program
  2. FABIC Certificate of Building Skills to Support Lasting Behaviour Change
  3. FABIC Certificate of Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA) – A Practical Application
  4. FABIC Certificate of Autism Studies