FABIC Education & Learning supports professionals to develop the skills to provide LASTING behaviour change strategies and tools to their clients in workplaces, at home and in the community


FEL programs are based on FABIC clinical services and training programs that have been on offer since 2006. Our work at FABIC ensures that every person is treated with decency, respect and dignity. It begins with the premise that every person has an innate and unique value they bring to the world. At FABIC we do not judge, criticise or label anyone nor ourselves for any behaviour they or we might be experiencing; rather, we seek understanding as to the reason WHY any behaviour is occurring. This foundational philosophy founds and informs all FEL programs.

FEL students are introduced to their responsibility as future FEL Certified Clinicians to maintain the dignity and quality of life for all clients and to commit to upholding the rights of individuals from all walks of life –  whether with or  without a diagnosed disability or mental health condition.

FEL programs are based on FABIC principles which are evidence-based and founded on Functional Behaviour Assessment, skills building and on supporting individuals and their support teams to increase independence, build capacity and improve quality of life for all.