FABIC Education & Learning supports professionals to develop the skills to provide LASTING behaviour change strategies and tools to their clients in workplaces, at home and in the community

FABIC CERTIFIED Supervisor Pathways

FEL offers a program for students who have completed the FABIC Certified Clinician Pathway and are interested in becoming an FEL Certified Supervisor. This is a stage 2 certification for those interested in supervising and supporting students who are completing any of the FEL Certified Clinician Pathways.

Individual supervision is available to those who seek advancement in their clinical skills with understanding and changing behaviour. Individual supervision is suited for:

  1. Students enrolled in the FEL certified pathway program 
  2. Students enrolled in the FEL certified supervision program 
  3. NDIS Behaviour Support Practitioners 
  4. Counsellors requiring supervision for Australian Counselling Association 
  5. Other allied health professionals who want to further their skills in the area of  understanding and changing behaviour

Note: You do not need to be enrolled in a FABIC certified pathway to gain access to individual supervision; it is for anyone on a one- off or ongoing basis.

If interested, FEL certified clinicians who have completed the full FEL Certified Clinician Pathway can enrol in an additional program to become FEL certified supervisors. As supervisors you will support other FEL students through the FEL certified program, facilitate group and individual supervision sessions or mark FEL students’ assignments.  To qualify for this pathway, embodiment and demonstrated examples of living the program in your personal and professional life are a prerequisite. More details will be announced later.