FABIC Education & Learning supports professionals to develop the skills to provide LASTING behaviour change strategies and tools to their clients in workplaces, at home and in the community


Senior Behaviour Specialist Tanya R Curtis offers a series of 5-week presentations that run over five consecutive Tuesdays and cover a range of topics that we are all touched if not directly affected by, whether personally or professionally. Each topic is based on Tanya’s many years of professional practice and her keen observation of life in its many facets, from her consulting rooms to the supermarket, the sporting field and many schoolyards to the local gym.

These presentations are an offer for you to dive into, explore and enjoy. You may choose to come to one 5-week course or to all five! Each one offers a treasure chest full of practical tools, with group discussion and the opportunity to get to know and learn from each other and appreciate that we are here to bring our unique puzzle piece to one day complete the huge puzzle called the world and all of us.

TOPICS covered are very practical, relatable and everyday normal, whether at home or at school, at work or out and about in the community, and they include: 

  • Changing the Impact of Anxiety on Our Quality of Life
  • Preparing to Be a Leader in Life
  • Increasing Social Skills for Successful Interactions
  • Bullying – Breaking the Cycle
  • Anger – Finding an Alternative Way to Communicate

Presented by Tanya R Curtis, Senior Behaviour Specialist and Founder & Director of FABIC Behaviour Specialist Centre

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