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IMPULSE TO ACTION – let's make it happen

Have you ever had an idea that has gone no further than ‘Hey, that would be a great idea’. Yes? … then this is the course for you.

Whether you have considered starting a business, thought about writing a book or ever had an idea or impulse for any project not yet taken to a point of completion … then the team from Impulse to Action are here to support.

SERIES ONE – FOUNDATIONS, Essential for Building any Successful Business and Project

Welcome to the Impulse to Action Foundations Program – four one-day progressive workshops over four months with the option for personalised consultations to assist with the practical application with successful business and action women Susan Scully and Tanya Curtis, in person, over the phone or online via video conferencing on the Sunday following each of the four workshops.

We will bring focus to the importance of foundations and what needs to be actioned to get to a point of completion across all areas of any successful business or project, including:

  1. Foundations are essential – WHY? 
  2. You: It begins here and it never ends – the main ingredient to any project or business 
  3. Building solid foundations with other people 
  4. Business and project foundations ‘If you build a house with rickety foundations, it will not survive the storms – if you build a business or project with unstable foundations, it will not reach a solid point of completion.’

Over four weekends starting in April, join Susan and Tanya who love supporting people to make their impulses happen – from Impulse to Action, they are here to support every step of the way.

Presented by Tanya R Curtis, Senior Behaviour Specialist and Founder & Director of FABIC Behaviour Specialist Centre and Susan Scully, Accountant.