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::: 16 Mar 2024 ::: 9:00am – 3:00pm AEST (QLD Time) :::
::: Robina, Gold Coast, QLD or Online (Worldwide) :::

Understanding and Responding to Student Behaviour

Presented by Kristy, Behaviour Educator & Clinician

**Please note: this workshop has been postponed until Saturday 29 June 2024.**

Workshop content and details

Session 1 – 9:10am – 10:00am:
Introducing the Behaviour Scale as a tool to recognise how we are feeling as teachers. Exploring different scenarios that may occur in the classroom and identifying where we might be on the behaviour scale and how this might influence how we respond.

Session 2 – 10:00am – 10:45am:
Exploring the ‘I Choose’ chart – In this sessions we will Look at a ‘challenging’ situation that may occur in day and then work together to complete an ‘I Choose’ chart exploring ways we can re- spond in a way that supports us.


Session 3 – 11:15am – 12:00pm:
Building observational skills and learning to ask ‘I wonder why?’ Going deeper with understanding what might be the reason for a child’s behaviours and then identifying what can support them to feel more settled.

Session 4 – 12:00pm – 12:45pm:
Teacher Self Care – In this session we will explore how our body is a great tool in the classroom and developing teacher self-care can help us to feel settled as we enter into an environment where we can experience a lot in a day.


Session 5 – 1:20pm – 3:00pm:
Practical tools for the classroom. Bringing it all together and looking at tools we can use in the classroom to support ourselves and our students.

This event is offered in person at the FABIC Education and Learning Training Centre in Robina, Gold Coast or Online via Zoom.

For in-person attendees the address of the event is:

HQ @ Robina
FEL Training Centre (Level 5)
Suite 52, 1 Laver Dr
Robina QLD 4226

To enter the building outside of business hours, you will need to be buzzed in by our staff. Click here for detailed instructions.

Online attendees will be sent a Zoom link via email before the event.

At FABIC we understand the integral role that teachers play in supporting children and young adults to develop the skills to engage in life and thus – we are here to support you.

FABIC Behaviour Education Services for teachers and school staff are offered throughout the school year either on-site at your school, through our FEL training centre at Robina or Online (worldwide).

Behaviour Education Services at FABIC cover topics such as Mental Wellness for Teachers (10- week course), Body Life Skills Program for Teachers (8-week course), Understanding and Responding to Student Behaviour (1-day workshop), Classroom Management and Supporting Behaviour through Skills Building (10-week course), Graduate Teacher Mentoring, Coaching and Support Group, Monthly Teacher Workshops and One-on-one Support Sessions for Teachers.

We also offer support via a wide array of workshops and one-on-one sessions for Families and students outside school hours.

Behaviour Educator & Clinician, Presenter

Kristy loves supporting people to recognise their strengths and use these as a foundation for building skills through the Body Life Skills Program to engage in life and enjoy what they can bring to others. Kristy has been working as a teacher in primary schools across Australia since 2001, both as a classroom teacher and supporting with students’ wellbeing and behaviours in and out of the classroom. She has led school teams in behaviour change and implemented programs that have absolutely transformed behavioural issues and standards in schools.

More Upcoming Events

25 July 2024

FABIC Poster Collection Discussion Groups – Session 18 – Defining Autism Spectrum Disorder

Presented by Tanya R Curtis, Senior Behaviour Specialist
Location: Online (Worldwide)

Thursday 25 July 2024 – 6:00pm – 6:50pm AEST (QLD Time)

Poster 30: Defining ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

No matter the diagnosis or label, the number of lessons in the classroom of life is infinite for all of us. And in that, we are all the same, regardless of our diff-ability (= different ability).

Important is that nobody is ever their label and thus, ASD as described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) denotes common areas of weakness which have been added to this chart, together with the three levels of impact, for easy access and reference.

25 July
Online (Worldwide)

10 & 11 Aug 2024

Business and Project Foundations

Presented by Susan Scully & Tanya R Curtis
Location: Robina, Gold Coast & Online (Worldwide)

Join Susan and Tanya who love supporting people to make their impulses happen – from Impulse to Action, they are here to support every step of the way.

Saturday 10 August 2024 – 9:00am – 4:30pm AEST (QLD Time)

Saturday 10 August 2024 – 5:00pm – 7:00pm AEST (QLD Time)

Sunday 11 August 2024 – See booking calendar for availability

10 - 11 August
FEL Training Centre (Robina

13 Aug 2024

Mental Health – Embracing a Spectrum of Mental Illness & Mental Wellness

Presented by Tanya R Curtis, Senior Behaviour Specialist
Location: Robina, Gold Coast & Online (Worldwide)

Tuesday 13 Aug 2024 – 7:00pm – 8:00pm AEST (QLD Time)

In this presentation-style workshop we will discuss how to build a foundation that supports us and all others within a framework where mental wellness is the standard. And thus, anything away from this foundational norm is regarded as a stepping stone to compromised mental health.

13 August
FEL Training Centre (Robina

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