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24 FEL FLYER Communicating with Words
::: 20 March & 17 April 2024 ::: Robina, Gold Coast, QLD :::

Communicating with words and not unwanted behaviour

Presented by Kathryn, Senior Speech Pathologist
A workshop for parents, carers and teachers on how to work with a person to use effective communication with words or an alternative form of communication such as pointing to pictures, to support their participation in life.

As all behaviour is a form of communication, the focus will be on building skills to identify what unwanted behaviours are being used to communicate how a person is experiencing life. The next step, will be to support attendees to work with the person to help them communicate verbally, or via an alternative means of communication, rather than their unwanted behaviours.

This workshop is offered in-person at the FEL Training Centre at Robina, Gold Coast. It is not available for online attendance.


Workshop content and details

This program includes four sessions over two days. The first day is a six-hour workshop presented as three sessions to learn the foundational tools when working with a person who transitions from using their unwanted behaviours to communicating using words, or an alternative means of communication. Day 1 will include presentations, activities and group discussion.

Following the initial workshop, a fourth session will be held on Day 2 as a follow up for participants to refine their application of the techniques presented on Day 1 and further expand on any topics as required.

Wednesday 20th March 2024
Session 1: 9:00am – 10.45am AEST (QLD Time)
Session 2: 11:15am – 1:00pm AEST (QLD Time)
Session 3: 1:30pm – 3:00pm AEST (QLD Time)

Wednesday 17th April 2024
Session 4: 1:00pm – 2:30pm AEST (QLD Time) 

Maximum of six participants
For teachers, carers, parents and those who support people (incl. children and adults with disabilities and/or learning difficulties) using unwanted behaviours rather than words to communicate.

This event will be presented in person at the FABIC Education and Learning Training Centre in Robina, Gold Coast:

HQ @ Robina
FEL Training Centre (Level 5)
Suite 52, 1 Laver Dr
Robina QLD 4226

To enter the building outside of business hours, you will need to be buzzed in by our staff. Click here for detailed instructions.

The following optional FABIC resources will compliment your course. If you are interested, each product can be purchased via the FABIC shop  

Body Life Skills Book 1
Body Life Skills Book

Mental Wellness 02 – Embracing the Classroom of Life vs Withdrawal from Life Lessons
Mental Wellness 05 – Changing the Blame and Victim Mentality to Bring Lasting Change
Foundations 101 – Building Relationships that will Support and not Harm
Foundations 101 – Perfectionism – A Hidden Epidemic
BLS 1 – introducing the Body Life Skills Program
BLS 2 – Control vs Self Mastery a Key to Lasting Behaviour Change
BLS – 04 – Building Foundations to Support Lasting Behviour Change
BLS 6 – Body – the body is a form of communication
BLS 7 – Life – Identifying Life Triggers
BLS 8 – Skills – Developing Skills to Support Lasting Behaviour Change
BLS 09 – Behaviour Scale – How to Develop of Use the Fabic Behaviour Scale
BLS 10 – I Choose Chart – how to Develop and use the Fabic I Choose Chart
BLS 11 – practically using the Body Life Skills program in Everyday Life
Skills 01 – Building Skills to Support Lasting Behaviour Change
Skills 03 – Preparing yourself to Support Behaviour Change in Others
Skills 10 – Social Relationships and Interactional Skills
Skills 11 – Integrating Skills into our Everyday Life

Behaviour Scale
I Choose Chart
23 Ingredients for Supporting Lasting Behaviour Change
Blockages to Change
Everything we do Say Think and Feel Contributes to…
How to Identify My Life Lessons
Social Skills – Intended vs Interpreted Message
Control vs Self-Mastery
Voice Volume Chart
Practicing and Making Mistakes
Can I Change or Control this Life Situation

Fabic Communication Cards
Fabic Book Mark

Kathryn Maroney Speech Pathologist

Senior Speech Pathologist

Kathryn is an experienced speech pathologist who has worked in private practice, the not-for- profit sector and community health since 2010.

She works extensively with disability and combines the development of effective communication skills with the FABIC Body Life Skills Program.

What to bring?

Hydration and lunch

Can this program utilise NDIS funding?

No, as the client is not the direct participant

Do all sessions need to be attended?

Yes, it is a training package that completes and is rounded off by attending both days

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Communicating with words and not unwanted behaviour - 20 March & 17 April 2024
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