FABIC Education & Learning supports professionals to develop the skills to provide LASTING behaviour change strategies and tools to their clients in workplaces, at home and in the community


Senior Behaviour Specialist Tanya R Curtis is renowned for supporting all, from individuals to businesses and organisations, in all things behaviour. She brings understanding and LASTING behaviour change and has often been the last resort when people had all but given up. Tanya holds as a foundation that behaviour, no matter what it looks like, is WHAT people do and never is it WHO they truly are.

These weekend presentations go over two days and participants may choose to attend one or both days, with or without the networking dinner in a nearby restaurant on Saturday evenings. Live streaming worldwide is also available.

These weekends are filled with workshop-style presentations and discussions for all who are touched by, interested in or implement behaviour change.

The workshops support professionals who work with behaviour change in formal support, such as allied health, as well as people who provide informal support, such as family members, carers or partners plus all those who are ready for LASTING behaviour change and quality wellbeing.

Day events are limited to 35 people for in-person attendance and cover a wide range of mental wellbeing and behaviour change subjects, as in:

  • The Harm of Attachment
  • The Poison of Perception
  • Developing and Enhancing Effective Communication Skills
  • The Impact of Our Communication Style on All Our Relationships
  • Developing a Love Affair with Reactions
  • Emotions – How They Impact Our Body
  • Controlling Behaviours and Allowing Self to Be Controlled
  • Skills Building for Lasting Behaviour Change vs Relief Strategies
  • Understanding and Breaking the Cycle of Abuse
  • Caring for Self while Caring for Others

Presented by Tanya R Curtis, Senior Behaviour Specialist and Founder & Director of FABIC Behaviour Specialist Centre

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